Tackling Pollution Through Technology, Innovation, and Collaboration

Cosball Group, BioLogiQ, R&F Chemical enter into an collaboration to transform the cosmetic packing industry.

Tons of cosmetic bottles, jars, tubes, and pumps litter the earth every day.

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year. The packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and offender for plastic waste pollution. In 2015, research found that packaging accounted for 146 million tonnes of plastic every year.

The combined efforts of Cosball, BioLogiQ, and R&F Chemical seek to tackle the pollution problem facing the beauty world today through experience and expertise.

“We seek to create an environmentally friendly package capable of holding skin care solutions, while still providing the flexibility in packaging design that is essential to the individuality and brands of cosmetic companies today.”

The collaboration between the three companies is based on synergies that are created through domain knowledge in each individual field, starting with:

BioLogiQ is an industry leading company specializing in plastics made from potato starch. Their experience in creating environmentally friendly plastics is the foundation to this project and the packaging solution.

R&F Chemical is a leading technology and chemical company set on providing solutions to better humankind and the environment. Their experience in combing BioLogiQ environmentally friendly plastics with other solutions to create packaging that is sustainable for the cosmetics industry is vital to the actualization of this project.

Cosball Group consisting of Cosball Lab, the R&D sector for Cosball Group. Cosball Lab has over 25 years of cosmetics R&D and development. When creating any skin care product, there are over 40,000 different possible ingredients, where between 30 to 40 different ingredients are combined in any skincare solution. Cosball Lab will lead this project by extensively testing skin care solutions with the packing developed by BioLogiQ and R&F Chemical. To ensure that there are no negative chemical reactions between the ingredients and the packaging, and that the packing is effective and meets industry quality and safety standards.

Left to Right: Brad LaPray Founder of BioLogiQ, In Sang Jang Chairman of Cosball Group, and Peter Park CEO of R&F Chemical

The Beauty industry just got a little more prettier!

Website: cosball.io



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