Health Tech Envisioned Through Beauty- Part 3

Cosball, Personalized and Daily Customized Cosmetics

Is that lotion right for you?

Do you use the same lotion during the winter and summer? Whether it is hot and humid or cold and dry?

Do you use the same lotion after being sick or after a night out?

DO you use the same lotion as your friend?

The CTomorrow Project with Cosball seeks to tackle personalization and daily customization to provide solutions that are optimized for each individual. Because we believe what you show the world is important, and each individual should be treated as such.


The Cosball product line stems from the most basic understanding that each individual is unique, every day is different, and you are different every day.

Users of the Cosball app follow a simple two set process. First step enter basic personal information. This prepares the app for personalized Cosball products for the individual. Second, using the Cosball app, users scan their face and through the CTomorrow AI get their current skin condition, combined with real time weather reporting, the Cosball Algorithm will tell the user what combination of Cosball products to apply. For example, if the weather is hot and humid, the Cosball combination will not be the same as if the weather was cold and dry.

There are many different skin types: oily, dry, normal, or sensitive skins. Ethnicity is also a factor to be considered when evaluating skin condition. For example: Oily skin for a Japanese woman would most likely be different than oily skin for an Brazilian woman.

Weather also impacts skin in different ways. Changes in temperature, sunshine, humidity, and even air pollution and the volume of fine dust are factors which affect skin differently. These variables are further compounded by the individual’s regular habits such as sleep hours, exercise, overeating, alcohol intake (a night of drinking), even religion, and more.

The Cosball Module System, is the process in which cosmetics functions (i.e. Moisturizing, anti-again, elasticity, etc.) are packaged in a one-time use capsule (“Cosball”), with each function tailored to specific demographics and skin conditions. Therefore, each Cosball has been optimized for a specific demographic.

Example: A2, A4, A6, A9, A12 Moisturizing Cosballs are for Asian ethnicities, while A3, A5, A7, A8 are targeted for European ethnicities. The Cosball range will then be further filtered by the individual’s age and gender. Example: Asian Female between 20–30 of age will be given: A2 or A6, A9 moisturizing Cosballs.




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