Health Tech Envisioned Through Beauty- Part 2

  • The CTomorrow Project with Cosball encompasses an ecosystem that is built upon each other in order to provide essential synergies. The following series was created to give insight into this ecosystem and how the CTomorrow Project is tackling the Health Tech industry.

Part 2: Big Data and Blockchain Revolutionizing Skincare

The CTomorrow Big Data system is an ever growing database that provides information to the CTomorrow AI, to provide the most accurate report and Cosball skincare recommendations to the users.

Each time a user scans their face, the app converts the image into a numerical value. That value, combined with the data from the survey, is then entered into the CTomorrow Big Data system. The numerical value is placed between higher and lower numerical values within the users demographics. Over time the users reports will be based on the database of their peers. The CTomorrow Big Data system is a constantly evolving system that feeds the AI. The more users, the more data, and the more accurate the system as a whole becomes.

LINK: Cosball Blockchain

While the user’s private data is used to provide individually tailored recommendations, it is secured and protected over the CTomorrow blockchain with Cosball network where personal information behind the data is anonymized.




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