Health Tech Envisioned Through Beauty- Part 1

  • The CTomorrow Project with Cosball encompasses an ecosystem that is built upon each other in order to provide essential synergies. The following series was created to give insight into this ecosystem and how the CTomorrow Project is tackling the Health Tech industry.

Part 1: It is often said that, “Your skin is the window to your health”

The health of your skin reflects your internal health. The CTomorrow Health Tech Project seeks to tackle wellness through beauty because beauty is more than skin deep.

Many underlying health conditions — some very serious — first appear as skin problems.

For example, nutrition is intimately connected to the condition of one’s skin. The first symptom of malnutrition is most often an unhealthy facial complexion: pale, sometimes with touches of yellow or light brown. Like the rest of the body, the skin requires nutrients in order to stay healthy. When a person becomes malnourished, the skin is denied essential nutrients and becomes discolored.

Cosball Application: Smart Beauty Assistant

Cosball App: Google Play

Cosball App: App Store

Through the Cosball app, users can scan their face to get real time reports. The CTomorrow AI analyzes the user’s face, and provides a report that is based off of the CTomorrow Big Data (more information below). Based on the user’s personal information and demographics, the application inspects the condition of the user’s complexion, taking into consideration any and all blotches, wrinkles, or other abnormalities and compares the current condition with the user’s previous scans as well as others in similar demographics.

Using the latest in facial scanning technology, the Cosball app is able to provide real-time skin analysis based on the CTomorrow Big Data (“Skin Score”). Thus allowing for the first-ever peer-based skin review reporting system.

The world’s first Peer-based reporting:

Using CTomorrow Big Data, user results are determined based on a comparison of a similar age group, plus and minus 2 (two) years from the user’s age. Example: Jane’s (35 years old), Skin Score is based on the big data collected between users 33 to 37 years old.




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